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Read this entire Frequently Asked Questions page to review everything you need to know about your ceremony and celebration process.

By understanding what to expect, you will eliminate unwanted wedding anxiety and have a more stress-free experience.


On 10/31 all couples and guests are to check-in at The Vegas Event Center located at 1201 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Click the link below to Download a Map & Instructions to share with your guests.

VIVA - Be Our Guest HALLOWEEN viva las vegas wedding chapel 10 31 2022 Things to do websit


All couples are welcomed at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, politics, or race.

We want to make sure every vow exchange reflects the couple's beliefs.

Contact your wedding planner and discuss your options.


The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel venues are wheelchair accessible.

Contact your wedding planner if you need special needs / handicap / disability accommodations.


You may write your own vows as long as they are 2-5 sentences.

Notify your wedding planner.

Submit your vows to your wedding planner 2 weeks prior to your ceremony.

You MUST provide a copy of your marriage license to your wedding planner.



Chapel ministers and officiants are licensed to perform Non-Denominational, Religious Ceremonies or Non-Religious (also known as Civil) ceremonies. 

Additional fees Apply to Special Minister Requests (foreign speaking or outside minister).

If you would like to request a specific type of Minister, notify your wedding planner.


Nevada requires one witness 18-years of age and older.

There is space on your paperwork for up to two (2) witnesses.

If you do not have any guests, one of the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel employees will serve as your witness at NO additional charge.


Submit your final guest to your wedding planner count at least seven (7) days before your ceremony.

Check with your wedding planner to know what your package guest count is and what your upgrade options are.

NO credits or refunds will be issued should your guest count decrease.


Advise your wedding planner of any "VIPs".

If a VIP is late for your ceremony, you may reschedule.

There is a $100 rescheduling fee.

Any rescheduled ceremonies may not take place on your originally scheduled wedding date. 

Your day of wedding coordinator will confirm your VIP list with you.


All couples and guests MUST arrive dressed and ready with their hair and make-up done regardless of their wedding package.

Restrooms will NOT be available as dressing areas.

All guests MUST arrive 30 minutes prior to your ceremony.

Guests are to check in at the front desk upon arrival.

Couples with their own transportation must arrive 45 minutes prior to ceremony start time.

You will be considered late if you have not checked in
45 minutes prior.

If you are preparing to have a First Glance - we recommend using our Courtesy Limousine Service.

We CANNOT guarantee a First Glance if a couple is arriving via their own transportation.


All guests must depart the venue immediately after your ceremony, unless an onsite reception is planned.

It is important for you to decide upon a "Celebration Location" where your guests can meet you after the ceremony.

Relay this information with your guests as well as your wedding planner.

Your day of wedding coordinator will confirm this information with you.

Guests must immediately proceed to your "Celebration Location" as soon as your ceremony concludes.

Your minister and wedding coordinator will also inform your guests of this meeting location when your ceremony concludes.


We offer Complimentary Transportation services for packages that include "Courtesy Transportation".

We do everything in our ability to properly schedule drivers to assure a timely pick up / drop off.

The following circumstances are out of our control:
1. Road Closures – various construction and festival/large crowds will change road closures and traffic patterns
2. Construction Zones – Las Vegas Boulevard and several Downtown areas are under heavy construction; prepare your guests for delays and to allow for plenty of travel time
3. Unexpected Vehicle Issues – All courtesy transportation vehicles are serviced on a regular basis. We reserve the right to provide the safest and most reliable transportation to your wedding. This could mean a limousine is not available and an alternate transportation vehicle such as an SUV or Luxury Sedan may be provided instead. During our busiest months we can’t guarantee limousine service; only courtesy transportation for 4 total passengers


If your package is eligible for the Courtesy Limousine Service:


Inform your wedding planner of your hotel room number AND drop off location.


Ask your wedding planner for your specific pick up time window.

Last-minute changes to pick-up or drop-off times cannot be accommodated.

If you are using our Courtesy Limousine Service:

1. Remain in your room, dressed and ready - 60-90 minutes prior to your ceremony

2. Proceed to the designated pick-up spot as directed, at the time advised by your driver

3. Your guests must be ready exactly as the limo driver instructs

4. Drivers are unable to wait due to hotel restrictions.

If you miss your limo pickup time, we are unable to reach you, or you are not ready at the scheduled time, the driver will not be able to wait:
Limo service will be forfeited, and you will be responsible for arranging your own transportation.


The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel offers one (1) complimentary Reschedule, if the request is made before your final balance is due. 

Additional schedule changes will cost $100

Should you choose to indefinitely postpone, your payments will be applicable to your new ceremony date for one (1) year from the date you made the initial reservation.

If either party of the wedding couple is late on their wedding date, and we are forced to reschedule your ceremony, you may forfeit your wedding arrangements for that day.

The wedding may not take place on your originally scheduled date, and a $100 fee will be added to the account.

The date on your marriage license may NOT be altered in any way.

If rescheduling to a new date does not work, your ceremony services, and all money paid, will be forfeited.



Inform your wedding planner at least fourteen (14) days before your ceremony to preserve the value of your payments.

What you already paid will be good for one
(1) year and is transferable.

The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel has a Non-Refundable policy on all payments made. 

Cancellations made within fourteen (14) days of your ceremony are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable as expenses paid will go towards the cost of your event preparations.

The same policies apply for reception packages.

Our Full Policy is detailed in our contract you must sign before proceeding with your wedding plans.


We offer a personalized music service for Traditional Weddings only.

You can choose up to three (3) songs or choose up to (4) if you have a wedding party.

Your songs will be played during the following times:

Wedding Processional 
Unity Ceremony 
Exit as Newlyweds



Additional donation/gratuity is encouraged and can be given directly to your Minister/Officiate or added to your Wedding costs.

You will be provided with a gratuity envelope upon checkout.

Customarily tips for limo drivers are given for each way:
1. For a wedding day $15-$20 each way
2. For an appointment service driver (marriage license & tour service, photography appointment, etc.) $10-$15 each way.

A complete list of staff involved in your ceremony day: 
coordinator, photographer, videographer (if applicable), bartender (if applicable), chef team (if applicable)


After your deposit is paid-
Your balance is due thirty 
(30) days before your ceremony.

Your reservation is subject to cancellation if it is not paid in full thirty (30) days in advance.

Additional payments may be made by credit card, traveler’s check or in cash.

Personal checks are NOT accepted.

All deposit payments are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.


VIVA - Be Our Guest viva las vegas wedding chapel Places to get married notice.jpg

Download the above image and share it with your guests so they know where to park on your ceremony day. This has not been updated to reflect current mask policy.


A surcharge of 19% will be added to all balances due.

The surcharge includes:

filing & recording fees


coordination & supervision fees

clean-up/set-up costs

duplication & copy fees

commissions & bonuses

credit card & bank fees

licensing fees

applicable taxes -

including but not limited to payroll





A 2% processing/administrative fee will be charged on all transactions for necessary business costs associated with but not limited to bank fees and other merchant expenses.


A Minister/Officiant Fee will be added to all Wedding and Vow Renewal Packages. 

This fee is separate from, and in addition to, the cost of your package and will automatically be included in the package costs. 

The fee amount is based on the venue and package selected and will typically range from $40 to $80.

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